Privacy policy for ”Natur i endring” 

In this project, we have a high focus on privacy. In the following text, you will find information about how we treat personal information, so that you are able to secure your privacy. It is the Natural History Museum (NHM) at the University of Oslo, represented by project manager Anders Bryn, who is responsible for the administration of all personal information entered into the app.  


Registration and management of research data


NHM will receive your personal information when you agree to the Privacy and Terms of Use of the app. Each time you use the app to report new tree- or forest line, your personal information will automatically follow every registration. NHM will not record information about persons who do not accept the Privacy and Terms of Use of the app. 


Securing personal data


NHM is responsible for the management of your personal information. These will be treated as research data. You personal information is well secured with the newest security standards. All data traffic between you phone (via the app) and our servers is encrypted and will be stored in accordance with our strict security requirements. Communication between app and server is secured with SSL certificate. 


Your personal information will not be used in marketing


The personal information you provide to NHM will not be sold or disclosed to third parties for use in marketing. By accepting the Privacy and Terms of Use of the app, you agree that NHM may use you registrations and personal information for communication and research purposes. 


What information is registered about you as a user

When downloading and logging in to the app, we will record the following personal information about you: 

  • Username- unique identifier
  • Email
  • Age
  • Gender- Male/ Female /Other
  • Password, encrypted
  • UID – unique internal user identity used for linking personal data with records of tree- and forest lines. 

When registering tree- and forest lines with the app, we will receive the following information, which will be linked to you UID

  • UID- unique internal user identity
  • Time and date of uploading of new registrations
  • Registration data: 
    • Treeline/ forest line
    • Height of tree
    • Diameter of tree
    • Tree species
  • Photos taken via the app (these are not stored on your phone, but uploaded directly to the project server)
  • Location: 
    • Latitude
    • Longitude
    • Elevation above sea level
    • Spatial accuracy of the registrations


What information will be visible on the website


When you agree to download and use the app ”Natur i endring”, you agree that your registrations are displayed on the website However, before your registrations are posted, they will be evaluated in an automatic reviewing process, which, among other things, includes the removal of inappropriate photos through Google Image Content Analysis (or similar). Inappropriate content, false registrations, unlikely registrations, or otherwise irrelevant, misleading or offensive data will not be approved nor published. In addition, such registrations may result in termination of your account and your opportunity to use the app. NHM reserves the right to publish only the data that they approve for use in the research project.

The following information that you register will be visible on the website: 

  • User name
  • Time and date of registration
  • Location (geographical position)
  • Altitude above sea level
  • Photo (with your username)
  • Tree species
  • Tree- and/or forest line
  • Diameter of tree


Your e-mail address will not be made available or appear on the websites, nor will it be disclosed or used for purposes other than those strictly related to the research project. If necessary, we will use your email to ask you questions related to your registration, contact you if you should win any prize or for other similar purposes. 


Purposes and how we use data collected through the app

The data you register will be used for several different purposes. They will be included in:

  • Research on tree- and forest lines (such as in research articles)
  • Digital museum (
  • Analog museum (“Klimahuset” ved NHM)
  • Dissemination purposes (articles, interviews, reports, films, lectures and the like)
  • Promotion of the research project described on the website
  • Species Map/ GBIF´s map database of species registrations


Right of access

If you are registered as a user of our app, you have the right to access our processing of your personal information (Personal Data Act). If you wish for access, please contact the administrator of the website You will receive an answer to you  inquiry no later than 30 days after it was received. We do not charge to process your order for access. You may check what information we are processing about you and check what security measures have been undertaken to secure these data.

Storage and deletion

Your personal information and registrations will be retained until the results from the project have been reported, usually after 10 years. After that, your personal data will be deleted, while the actual records of tree- and forest lines (including time, location altitude above sea level, tree species etc.) will be retained for research purposes. 


Sharing information

NHM may be required to disclose information to public authority and others, subject to law. Apart from that, NHM will only apply the collected data for research purposes, without attaching you personal information. 



You can not reserve publication of your registrations after you have agreed to our Privacy and Terms of Use. If you regret some registrations, these can be deleted. Contact the administrator of the website to order deletion of data. If you do not wish to make your registrations public, you must decline the Privacy and Terms of Use of the app ”Natur i endring”. 



By agreeing to the Privacy and Terms of Use of the app ”Natur i endring”, you consent to the use of the data described above (What information…) in the manned described above (Purpose…)


Terms of Use

Terms of use are continually updated when needed and may be changed by NHM at any time. Be aware that terms may contain inadequate or inaccurate information and that this can not invoked as ground for claims of any sort in any way. The app ”Natur i endring” is subject to and complies with Norwegian legislation, including laws concerning privacy and copyright. 


NHM is the owner of the app and holds all intellectual property rights to the content of the app. Unauthorized use of the app or its content is not allowed. Content published as a result of agreement with another manufacturer will also be protected by the manufacturer´s copyright.